AfO Abkürzungsverzeichnis (List of abbreviations)

List 1:

List 2:

Two lists of abbreviations for literature on the ancient Near East as used by the journal Archiv für Orientforschung


Babylonian Calendar Converter

For conversions of Babylonian dates into Julian dates and vice versa


Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (cdli)

A database of cuneiform texts


Electronic Tools and Ancient Near Eastern Archives (ETANA)


Hethitologie Portal Mainz

Information on Hittitology and downloadable unicode fonts, also cuneiform fonts


KeiBi Online

An online bibliography of publications on the ancient Near East


Neo-Babylonian Cuneiform Corpus (NaBuCCo)

A database of Neo-Babylonian archival texts (ca. 650 BC – 100 BC)




Amsterdam Centre for Ancient Studies and Archeology (ACASA)


Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft e.V.


Ex Oriente Lux – Vooraziatisch-Egyptisch Genootschap


International Organization of Assyriology (IAA)


Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO)


Oriental Institute Chicago, Persepolis Fortification Archive Project

Offers more information on the collection of clay tablets from Persepolis that is one of the most important sources of information on Achaemenid administration


Oriental Institute Chicago, Photographic Archives: Persepolis

Collection of photos from Persepolis


The Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO)


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Faculty of Humanities:


Other useful sites



French site that provides articles, videos and links to editions of texts and secondary literature about the Achaemenid Empire.


Encyclopaedia Iranica



Articles for a general public



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